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Notes from Parent Club Meeting

September 13, 2018

Attendees: We had 18 Primary parents attend meeting

Old Business:

- We recapped the Book Fair results. The BF resulted in $4,000 in Scholastic Dollars. We

will be using these dollars for new books for our school.

- Shirt Orders: Please be patient with us as we fill orders. We ran out of many sizes and

are waiting for our new order to arrive.

At the end of the year, we will collect gently used t-shirts from students that will be leaving

the BEE school or have outgrown their shirt. (thanks Robin H. for this awesome suggestion).

- TPC Membership: It runs until the end of Sept. Carrie gave a report that many

families have joined. No classroom is at 100% yet!! Ms. Cortez is in the lead, Arai is

2nd , and Souther is 3rd . Please join us and support our children & school.

New Business:

Science Night: It is scheduled for November 16, 2018 from 5:30 to 7:30. We agreed to hire a

Science Entertainer that will present an Educational, Fun, Interactive show for us. Along with

the show, we will have interactive science stations for parents & kids to explore on their own.

We discussed food options and thought that nachos & pizza would be good options.

Carnival: It is scheduled for Oct. 27th . The Primary School parents are in charge of the cake walk.

We are asking families to donate a cake to this event. We are also in need of volunteers to help

the night of the carnival. More details to follow.

Meeting Times: It was brought up how we can support our full-time working parents that are

unable to volunteer or attend meetings, but still want to feel included at the Primary School.

There was a lot of great ideas discussed, such as live streaming our meetings to having

quarterly nightly meetings. We finally concluded that we will be posting our minutes on our

new website (coming soon) as well as emailing our families. This

way, parents will be “in the know” of what is happening. We are keeping the 1 pm meeting the

first Thursday of the month.

Upcoming Events:

- We discussed having a talent show in June and include the Elementary school

- We discussed having a “sweet heart” type daddy/daughter dance. Some parents would

like to have more of a family type dance. We will present both ideas to Mr. Rienick and

we will keep you informed. More details to follow.

- Fall Fundraiser: Starts Sept. 28th and runs to Oct 12

- We need help sorting and gathering materials for the students. (An email will go out

about volunteering).

- We will need help on Oct 12 with collecting all orders.

- This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and we are hoping to fund some important

projects at the school.

- We discussed Mr. Art’s Birthday on Sept. 28th . It was decided that the TPC will present a

big basket of Mr. Art’s favorite things, we will paint a banner to put out front, and a

parent is going to organize a school wide card writing project to present to him.

We discussed the Current Needs of the School right now.

- The teachers/principal would like us to purchase grass, trees, umbrellas, and maybe

tables for a “snack area” for the kids, which is located by the black top.

- We would like to purchase a large shade to go over the play structure

- The playground needs a new clock

- The school needs playground equipment (soccer balls and volleyballs)

We quickly charted our Wish List for our School

- Spanish Enrichment classes

- A garden program

- Seat belts for our school buses

- Paint the play structure

We quickly adjourned at 1:50 to gather our kids.

TAKE- AWAY from meeting:

- Felt encouraged that many parents want to help

- Our parent club is growing as well as our school population

- We need to limit “cross talking.” We will go around the room and let parents share their

ideas so everyone is heard. We will limit our agenda so we don’t feel rushed.

NEXT PARENT CLUB MEETING IS THURSDAY, Oct. 4th at 1 pm. Please join us.


Christina & Krysten