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Fundraising Opportunities

Our money comes from membership dues, fundraisers, and donations from families and local businesses. All of our fundraising projects are to fund necessary needs of our students. Every penny is dedicated to a specific purpose to benefit our children & school experience. Please support these fundraising efforts. Please see below to read more about the fundraiser we plan to offer.

Membership Drive

Every family that joins our TPC program will increase funds to go towards new school supplies and activities to improve your child's overall education. Plus, you get to join us at meetings and have your say in what we, as the TPC, do for the schools! Get involved!

Fall Fundraiser - KidsareFirst

KidsareFirst puts on a great fundraiser each year that has proven to be a success for VC. Students will bring home a catalog filled with gifts, home goods, gift wrap, yummy treats and more to sell to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, anyone! Sales can also be made online to family out of town can support your child as well. This organization gives a large percentage back to the school and we are so grateful for this program and everyone's participation. Plus, the kids get to win awesome prizes and participate in a fun assembly to kick off the fundraiser,

Book Fairs

Who doesn't like new books? We sure do! Our fall book fair is a great way to kick off the new year and get the kids excited to read. It also provides the TPC with Scholastic dollars to be used to purchase new books for our teachers. We will hold two book fairs each year, fall and spring.

Holiday Store

Tis the season for giving! Kids love to shop for their loved ones to give them thoughtful yet very affordable little gifts for the holidays. The Penguin Shop provides our school with a lovely shopping experience where the students can learn the joy of giving to others as well as budgeting when shopping on their own in our holiday store.

Spirit Wear

We've got spirit, yes we do! Purchase a Bee shirt, sweatshirt, hat, and more and show your school spirit on spirit days and everyday!

Smencil Store

These are a hit with the kids! Scented pencils that come in various colors and characters, there is something for everyone! Smencil sales are set up usually at lunch time a couple times throughout the year and you will receive information prior to so you can send you child with a couple dollars if you wish to purchase a Smencil or two!

Bee Buzz-a-thon

A tradition here at the Primary School is our Bee buzz-a-thon jogging fundraiser. Students will practice for weeks leading up to this day and forms will be sent home asking for pledges for the students either per lap or in a flat fate form. Each lap they run equals more funds for our school plus its super fun and great exercise!


The best keepsakes are the ones made by our kids! This fun program uses your child's artwork and prints them on mugs, magnets, pictures, and more! These make great gifts and keep your child's artwork memories alive. Be sure to check out the catalog when the time is here!