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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the TPC? 

 The TPC stands for, Teacher, Parent, Club. It is our version of the PTA, which is run completely by volunteers. It is comprised of teachers and parents that work together to enhance our children’s educational experience and promote school unity.

2. What does the TPC do?

We are responsible for coordinating events to enhance our students’ education and experience at the Primary and Elementary Schools. We do this by hosting school-wide events and fundraising for our school.

3. Why should I join the TPC? 

 Join for your child! It’s all about them-enhancing their experience and education at Valley Center Primary & Elementary school. The schools can only do so much with the funds it has, so we supplement, enhance, and advocate where necessary. Click here for more reasons to join. (DEBBIE….can we have a link that goes to the PTO website explaining the benefits of parent involvement).

4. How do I join the TPC and what is the cost? 

 Please visit our membership page; you can join online or download our form and return to school. There are 4 levels of (tax deductible) annual membership available.  The family membership is $10, bronze $25, Silver $50, Gold $75+. All memberships allow you voting rights at TPC meetings.

5. What happens to the membership dues that I pay to join the TPC?

Because we are NOT affiliated with the national organization PTA, 100% of all membership dues goes directly to our students. We use the membership dues for classroom supplies that teachers need, books & supplemental curriculum needs, field trip buses, school improvement projects, hosting family events, etc. By being a member, YOU can help decide where the money goes.

6. What does the TPC actually fund? 

 The TPC gives money to support assemblies, guitar club, field trip buses, library books, classroom supplies, technology, student incentives, special events, like ( AG day, dances, art night, etc.), beautification of our school campuses, and anywhere else to fill the gap to improve our children’s education.

7. May I attend TPC sponsored events if I don’t join? 

 Yes. While we hope you do join the TPC to support our mission, all our welcome. However, you will not be eligible to vote on any important school decision. Plus, your membership provides more benefits and opportunities throughout the year for our students.

8. What procedure must I follow to become a volunteer with the TPC? 

 You must be a member and complete the volunteer application & requirements set forth by the district. You can pick up forms at the front office.

9. Can I volunteer once in a while without being pressured to volunteer for future events? 

Absolutely! We do not pressure anyone into volunteering and that is a promise! You can volunteer as much or as little as you desire. We appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. We are thankful for your 5 minutes or your 50 minutes. We might ask you to volunteer for another event, but it’s perfectly okay to say “No”. If everyone does a little, it goes a long way.

10. How do I contact the TPC with questions?

You can e-mail any board member, and we're happy to help! Visit your school site homepage to view their emails. You can also visit us on Facebook by clicking the icon below!